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   That's right NO Nicholson he went to Vietnam and two other countrys on a tour before he resings his position. I herd Congressman Bob Filner may return to the House Chair as the lead chair on the Veterans Affaris Committee. I did drop off the same press package with dvd to 13 Congressman including Congressman Filner and actualy had words with Congressman John P Murtha in his office on the 3rd day of the event when I had about 1 hour to roam around in the Rayburn Building before my Taxi left for the airport. When I told Congressman Murtha about H.R.1917 he told me he would do somthing about it and get ahold of Congressman Filner so with those two teamed up it will be interesting to see how many more jump on board to support Congressman Bob Filner on H.R.1917. Here is the list of contacts inside the Rayburn building that I have given our press release to with a dvd. All these contacts are susposed to be working with us now on H.R.1917 as they review the press package and dvd.
1. Congressman Bob Filner, contact Daniel Hattis staff assistant to Filner (202) 225-8045/fax (202) 225-9073 also Ms Sharon Shultz I know is the first contact with Congressman Filner in the Rayburn building.2423 Rayburn HOB Washington DC 20515
2 Congressman John P. Murtha12th district Pennsylvania (814) 535-2642 his staff assistant Gabrielle K. Carruth (202) 225-2065/fax(202) 225-5709
3: From the Veterans Affairs Committee standing in for Congressman Nicholson and I might say did a good job listening to all the veterans in the meeting and about 100 of us showed up for this meeting that lasted for a few hours. I trust these contacts will pull forward on H.R.1917 as the BVA SIGNED SEALED Resoulution carried alot of weight to supporting H/R 1917 fully as that board of directors from the California Veterans Board supported veterans fully on this manner and must be signed into legislation.  Contact: from this Panel: Mr. Len Sistek,Jr. Democratic Staff Director (Oversight and Investigations) len.sistek@mail.housegov office (202) 225-9756/fax225-2034  William W. McLemore Deputy Assistant Secretary Intergovermental and International Affiars  office William McLemore@mail.housegov  (202) 273-5760/fax(202) 273-5716 and Jeffrey E. Phillips Communications Director  (202) 225-3527/fax(202) 225-5486
4: Steve Buyer Chairman Veterans Affiars Committee (202) 225-3527  335 Cannon HOB Washington DC 20515/fax(202)225-5486
5: Congresswomen Nancy L. Johnson 5th District, Connecticut (202) 225-4476/(202) 225-4486 Legislative Assistant Jason A. Edgar  2409 Rayburn Building Washington D.C. 20515
6: Sub Committiee on Health Holly Palmer 338 Cannon HOB Washington D.C. 20515 (202) 225-9154/fax (202) 226-4536
7: Congressman Silvestre Reyes 16th District, Texas 2433 Rayburn Building Washington D.C. 20515 Phone (202) 225 4831/Fax 2252016 Legislative Assistant Javier D. Martinez
8: Congressman Don Young 2111 Rayburn Building Washington D.C. 20515 (202) 225-5765
Legislative Assistant  Christian O Barnes
9: Congressman Elton Gallegly 24th District, California 2427 Rayburn Building, Washington D.C. 20515 Phone (202) 225-5811 / Fax 225-1100 Senior Legislative Assistant Brian Feintech
10: Congressman John Conyers,Jr. 14th District of Michigan 2426 Rayburn H.O.B Washington D.C. 20515 (202) 225 225-5126 / Fax 225-0072
11: Bennie G. Thompson 2nd District of Mississippi 2432 Rayburn Building Washington D.C. Chief of Staff I. Lanier Avant Phone (202) 226-5805 / Fax (202) 225-5898
12: Chairman Committe on Resources 11th District Stockton California, Congressman Richard W. Pombo 2411 Rayburn Building, Washington D.C. 20515 (202) 225-1947 / Fax (202) 226-0861
13: Congressman Charles H. Taylor 11th District, North Carolina 339 Cannon Building Washington D.C. 20515 (202) 225-6401 Legislative Assistant Michael J. Galvo
14:Congressman John T. Doolittle 4th district, California Legislative Assistant Jeff Valuck
15 Congressman J.D. Hayworth 5th District, Arizona  2434 Rayburn Building, Washington D.C. 20515 Phone 225-2190 / Fax 225-3263 Legislative Assistant Stephen Briggs
end of D.C. Contacts from Millon Man March Visit 4/26/06 put presure on these contacts to go to work on H.R.1917
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So Secretary Nicholson was not there himself? wrote:
   Maybe 500 standing around on the White House Lawn Tuesday for the speaches and there were about 30 or 40 who spoke on the issues and it was very interesting we had veterans from all wars including WWII guys who spoke Some from Korea war and Vietnam wars. I did not see any veterans from the Iraq wars. and Starbust radio covered the event nicely..
   Wendsday we had the meetings in the Cannon House building and I spoke on H.R. 1917 and that meeting had about 100 veterans attending the conference with Secretary Nicholson staff. and that was good as we covered alot of different issues collectivally.
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How many Vets showed up at the Vet March in DC???

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Listen to the majority of the two day event (courtesy of during the VeteranMarch/ Operation Firing for Effect Rally by clicking on the two links below
CLICK HERE >>04/26/06 show  (Open discussion with DC officials at the Capitol)