From: Deb Callahan <>
To: Robin Rustan <>
Sent: Thu, 19 May 2005 17:24:44 GMT
Subject: LAST CHANCE: Stop Bush from Stacking the Courts with Extremists

Dear Robin ,

George Bush has gotten his way 95% of the time in appointing judges, but he wants to change rules that have stood for 200 years -- rules that protect our democracy -- so he can get his way all the time.

Today the Senate is debating a power grab that would allow anti-environment extremists to get lifetime appointments to some of our nation's highest courts. But the vote is close and wavering Senators need to hear from you right now.

They're calling this rule change the "nuclear option" because it will be devastating to the rights of minorities -- and any remaining moderation among Bush allies -- in Congress.

Please tell your Senators that you opposed this attempt to pack our federal courts and any attempt to put conservative, anti-environmental judges on the bench.

The nuclear option is nothing more than partisan politics at its most bitter and divisive -- and can put a stop on healthy debate -- something we all need for a healthy democracy. This attempt by the Republican majority is overreaching and circumvents more than 200 years of Senate rules.

If Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist gets his way, pro-corporation, anti-environment judges -- like mining lobbyist William Myers -- would be confirmed by the Senate with barely a whimper of opposition.

We cannot let anti-environment judicial nominees like William Myers simply waltz to their new post because the Republican majority has banned legitimate debate. Take action to stop this from happening.

The nuclear option is anti-environment, anti-free-speech and anti-American. You and I cannot allow it to become law. If this law passes, what kind of power grab is next?

Let’s take a stand together on this unbridled abuse of power. Tell your Senators that you oppose banning the filibuster for judicial nominees.

Thank you for taking the time in your busy day to get involved in this important fight.


Deb Callahan
League of Conservation Voters

P.S. This vote literally could be any moment. Please take a moment to get involved by taking action online and calling your Senators now.