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Copy sent to House Judiciary Committee. Senate Judiciary website down. 

Greetings Professor Wiener, 

After reading your most comprehensive article in the LA Times January 4, 2007 edition, I offer the following URL's, their contents and related material in the left column of these pages and throughout this site. 




This material was classified Top Secret in 1966 and unilaterally declassified by the State Department in 2000, much to the concern and dismay of the Central Intelligence Agency. Now we know why. 

What we have here are acts of treason on the part of the members of the National Security Council, and specifically the CIA, State, and the DOD, all of whom had representatives at the meeting in question. 

Upon discovery, this information was provided to Senators Kyl and Shelby of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and Attorney General Ashcroft, the highest law enforcement official in the United States. There has been no response; even to follow-up letters and phone calls to the DOJ Duty Officer. 

The result of this inaction on the parts of those in receipt of this information is the Felony of Misprison. 

To paraphrase; "Actually, it's not that easy to do because declassifying information is so restricted." 

The crime of Misprison was preceded by the crime of Treason in Wartime by members of the NSC deliberately and blatantly disregarding Presidential Directives issued during NSC meetings. 

This crime was followed by the crimes of fabricating evidence in a capital murder case, secreting the written recantation of the fabrication and causing the unjust conviction and incarceration of an innocent member of the Armed Forces, myself. 

Attempts to seek redress for these grievances have been stymied by the Feres Doctrine in the Federal District Court in Washington, DC which declared that such crimes cannot be addressed against members of the US Government for issues "incident to service". 

Additionally, and ironically, the Department of Veterans Affairs has rejected my claim for PTSD as a result of these matters stating that trauma realized as a result of these matters is not service related. 

It will be interesting to see who the higher authority is in this matter. 

History provides us with information so that similar mistakes may well be avoided in the future. Failure to declassify such matters in full only provides a dis-service to those who don their countries uniforms and take the oath to protect and defend the very Constitution. Feres has administratively removed the First Amendment by an Act of Congress which is, in and of itself, a violation of the First Amendment: Conress shall make no law...... 

When restrictions are placed upon materials whose classification has long since passed it's purpose, assuming it was not to cover a crime in the first instance, we find atrocities of justice which continue unresolved to this day. 

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