Sent: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 9:56 AM
Subject: Firebase Network GOE After Action Report [ALL STATIONS]

Welcome Home from the Firebase Network

Arrived home from the Gathering of Eagles Sunday around 4:30 PM. almost a 12 hour drive. Veterans did this country proud. We out numbered Sheehans group 3 or 4 to 1. The 30,000 estimate is on the low side. I handed out nearly 300 copies of the resolution calling for mandatory funding of Veterans health care.

The differences between the 2 groups was astounding, you won't here about in the lame-stream news. Veterans, thousands of American Flags, protestors, maybe a dozen. Veterans, area policed thrash in proper place, protestors, thrash all over gathering site as well as route to and from the Pentagon. Veterans, USA USA USA, protestors,cut and run, impeach Bush, surrender to Jihad etc etc etc.

The only place you will get coverage of this great event is on the blogs. The lame-stream had all thier cameras covering the protestors. Below is a letter a friend of mine sent to ABC channel 13 in Toledo Ohio. When will the media wake up??

Semper Fi
Rick Townsend
Director, Firebase Network

Subject: Rally in DC
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 08:29:33 -0400

Dear Channel 13 news folks,

Your newscast this morning reminded me why I am glad I no longer have to tune in to your channel for school closing information. I try to keep my viewing limited to a brief span of time before the bus arrives each day.
Today's broadcast, even a brief view, was a clear example of the media bias I try very hard to avoid, especially pre-coffee.

Yesterday the blog world was full news and photos of the war protest held inWashington DC, including coverage of the counter protest held by a groupcalled The Gathering of Eagles. In case you aren't aware of the Gathering of Eagles, they are Viet Nam vets who, in a true grass roots movement,assembled in DC to show support for American Soldiers who are serving our country with pride. Most blogs predicted the main stream media would touch on the anti-war demonstrators, neglect to mention the low turn-out of the anti-war crowd, and absolutely disregard the 30,000 Vets, their mostly peaceful tactics such as standing at attention, saluting the flag or proudly holding the red white and blue flag of our nation, unlike the yellow signs full of hateful slogans waved by the opposing group. Nor would they mention the clean area left by the Vets as opposed to the trash strewn area vacated by the anti-war crowd. I guess the 'anti-crowd' assumed illegal immigrants would sweep in after them to clean up the trash Americans refuse to clean.

Sure enough, there you were, on the screen, covering the anti-war movement in DC and 'elsewhere, all across the nation'. Not one word about the Vets.The same Vets who in six short weeks, with no major funding, no advertising, no campaign money and little support from main stream 'news' folks, gathered to show support they were not shown when they returned to their country after serving Her. They didn't want our current troops to feel the shameful lack of support they encountered upon their return. They gathered with dignity and stood by their monument, prepared to protect the one symbol of their service. Seems to me that Is the news story you ignored because it didn't fit your station's agenda.

I scanned many blogs yesterday and viewed the pictures of these Vets. I read first hand accounts of the day. Then I waited to see if these Vets would garner one small moment of recognition from what passes as 'news' channels. Nope. Even the online 'news' service mostly ignored them, instead focusing on the yellow flag crowd. No mention of the dismal number of anti-war demonstrators attending, which fell very short of predictions. I'm sure the one 'news' site that posted a picture of a very angry Vet had to look hard to capture a suitably negative image of a Vet. I even saw pictures of the anti-war crowds with the words on their yellow signs blocked out. I'm sure the 'news' folks blocked the words because their content would offend viewers. Didn't see many red white and blue flags held by the'anti' crowd, but I did see Palestinian flags in their midst. No mention of the well financed, ill behaved, scantly attended anti-war groups' behaviorversus the group of soldiers who, with no extra funds and no advertising managed to show up in far greater numbers than the well financed group.

If your computers have not been programmed to deny access to conservative blogs or news sites, I suggest you view some. Then I suggest you cover BOTH sides of this news story to show even a glimmer of 'fair' coverage. I doubt that will happen. And, you know what? I won't be watching to see. I'll be watching channel 11 when the snow flies.


(A very disappointed viewer)

Lady Mac