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Subject: FW: FOIA Appeal re CIA-maintained McCarthy Records and Corso Records

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Subject: FOIA Appeal re CIA-maintained McCarthy Records and Corso Records
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TO: Chairman
CIA Records-Release Panel
C/O Scott Koch, Information and Privacy Coordinator
U. S. Central Intelligence Agency
Washington, DC 20505

FROM: Larry W. Bryant
3518 Martha Custis Drive
Alexandria, VA 22302

DATE: June 5, 2006

Your FOIA coordinator Koch's letters to me of May 31, 2006, and May 26, 2006, have made it even clearer to me why your agency has received the George Washington University-based National Security Archive's Rosemary Award (for your demonstrated disdain for the U. S. Freedom of Information Act's inherent support of the public's right-to-know).

Accordingly, in order to help counter that disdain and to advance the public's interest/benefit in knowing the darker side of your agency's policies/programs/practices, I hereby appeal Mr. Koch's actions taken via the above-cited letters, while also serving notice that your denial of my appeal will heighten my resolve to seek judicial remedy therefor. My prevailing in that lawsuit would require your agency to reimburse me my attorney's fees.

First of all, your final response (May 31, 2006) to my Aug. 8, 2004, request No. F-2004-01956, re former U. S. Army captain John Joseph McCarthy, Jr., errs in denying my status as an independent writer entitled to full waiver of records-search fees. What's more, had your records searcher conducted a search of all records pertaining to the CIA-managed, clandestine, Vietnam-era operation called PROJECT CHERRY, he would've discovered that McCarthy had been assigned to that project. For background information on that assignment, please peruse McCarthy's current-events-blog website As McCarthy's blog documents, his (Army-CIA-compelled) role in PROJECT CHERRY led to his becoming the fall-guy for your agency's ill-conceived and illicit application of CHERRY actions/assets against the Cambodian government. Such official malfeasance by ANY U. S. agency during wartime would by definition have permanent value to the public's understanding and evaluation of that agency's conduct past, present, and future.

My expected lawsuit, therefore, would seek your agency's production of a Vaughn index to determine why Mr. Koch has chosen not to search all CHERRY-related records pertaining to McCarthy's case. That request for a Vaughn index also would seek a copy of the entire FOIA case files on all other McCarthy-related FOIA requests processed to date by your agency. The lawsuit also would request that the court conduct an in-camera inspection of all CHERRY-related records pertaining to McCarthy.

Since Mr. McCarthy's web log (a.k.a. "blog") qualifies as a news (and information) medium widely available to military-affairs researchers, political analysts, scholars, cultural activists, congressmen, historians, and jurists worldwide, it enhances my ability to share my writings and research finding on such national-security matters as the McCarthy Saga. His story, incidentally, figures in my current First Amendment lawsuit of Bryant v. Rumsfeld, et al., whereby I'm challenging certain military commanders' censorship of a series of whistleblower-solicitation advertisements I've sent -- as an independent writer-researcher -- for publication in various post/base newspapers. In this regard, the U. S. District Court for the District of Columbia has acknowledged my status as an independent writer entitled to have his First Amendment claims of freedom-of-speech/freedom-of-press properly adjudicated.

In the second matter at issue here (my May 4, 2006, FOIA request No. F-2006-01045, by which I seek a copy of all CIA-generated and CIA-received records pertaining to the late Army Lt. Col. (Ret.) Philip James Corso and his associations, activities, congressional testimony, and motivations), I note that, once again, Mr. Koch, via his May 26, 2006, letter to me, insists on questioning my status as an independent writer representing one or more news media. How much time do you really wish to spend here on my justifying my existence -- and would you rather spend it in the comfort of your office than in a courtroom?

At any rate, please note that Corso's whistleblowing account, published in his 1997 memoirs "The Day After Roswell," implicates your agency in the policies, programs, and operations of a supersecret panel of UFO-related experts called Majestic-Twelve. Corso's role as a Pentagon-based intelligence/R&D analyst in helping exploit the advanced technological artifacts retrieved from the July 1947 crash-landing of a "flying saucer" near Roswell, N.M., reverberates, to this day, in the UFO press.

Indeed, in my column scheduled for the July 2006 issue of the newsstand periodical UFO magazine, I focus my attention on the Corso story. In UFO magazine's April 2006 issue, my column ("Bryant's UFO View") presents a similar essay on the FBI's recent disclosure of its dossier on UFO author-personality Philip J. Klass* (see enclosed photo-copy of said essay). Earlier, upon the now-suspended website of the public-interest Group Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, I had published a an essay about Corso's FBI dossier, which mentions his alleged CIA connections.

In a forthcoming issue of UFO magazine, my column will dwell on the second edition of a book titled "Exempt from Disclosure: The Disturbing Case About the UFO Coverup," by Robert M. Collins, a former USAF captain privy to inside knowledge about the government's technological exploitation of Roswellian-debris artifacts. The book's revelations include MJ-12-related material allegedly "leaked" from CIA records -- a matter of utmost concern to the public's awareness of the CIA role in the coverup of the UFO experience.

As with the McCarthy Saga, Collins's book has been the focus of one of my recent ad submissions -- a submission that was flatly rejected by public affairs officials at Langley Air Force Base, Va., as being in contradiction of the official USAF viewpoint on UFO reality. Again, such official censorship of an independent writer's research/writing deserves both public outcry and oversight as to agency motivations and operations.

UFO magazine's website, , further extends the news-dissemination reach of this multimedia organization, thus affording me a wide audience for my work product.

My column in UFO magazine has been preceded by my UFO-related articles and book reviews published in the newsstand magazine FATE: True Reports of the Strange and Unknown -- published by Galde Press, Inc. (, with whom I'm under contract for my second book. Incidentally, my first book -- "UFO Politics at the White House: Citizens Rally 'round Jimmy Carter's Promise" -- drew its content from citizens' UFO-related letters to Pres. Carter, as USAF-disclosed to me via the U. S. Freedom of Information Act.

So, you see that this capsule of my track record as an independent writer amply qualifies me to receive a full search-fee waiver for any current/future FOIA requests submitted as part of my ongoing research/analysis. Therefore, please grant me this appeal by immediately rescinding Mr. Koch's denial of my documented, reiterated requester status.

By snail-mail, I'm sending to you a signed printout of this e-formatted letter.


Copy furnished to: Chairman, Subcommittee on Government Management, Finance, and Accountability - U. S. House of Representatives

* P. S.: I hereby request that Mr. Koch also process this letter as a formal, written FOIA request that he send me a copy of all CIA-maintained records pertaining to the activities, associations, correspondence, and motivations of the late Philip Julian Klass.