Dear Operation Truth Supporter,

Fellow supporters have shown their support for our Troops and Veterans by wearing Operation Truth dogtags. Our dogtags communicate the first crucial step in supporting our troops: Listening to them! Thousands of tags have been sold, and we need you to help us keep the momentum going! Buy yours here!

Have you already bought some? We'd love to hear from you! Who did you give tags to? Do you have photos of you or your friends wearing or giving out your tags? Email your stories and pictures to, and we'll post the best ones on our blog. Then forward this email to your friends, and tell them about this powerful way to show their support for the troops.

Each tag is emblazoned with a vital message from Operation Truth: "Really Support the Troops. Listen to them!" If you haven't ordered your dogtags yet, or if you've run out and need more, click here to order. Your purchase will help fund Operation Truth, allowing us to continue leading the fight to support our Troops.

Thanks again for your support. We couldn't do it without you.


Paul Rieckhoff
OIF Veteran
Executive Director and Founder, Operation Truth