Sent: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 12:57 PM
Subject: Declassified After All These Years?


I read with great interest the article written by Scott Shane, below, re the declassification of millions of documents hidden from inquiring eyes for 25 years by US Government Agencies. Unfortunately, some "importaint and interesting documents" will fall into the "exempt" catagory, even though it is a crime to classify material to cover a criminal act which has about as much effect on National Security as the dust on my computer screen. 

Ironically, the following article was published by the Los Angeles Times on Monday, December 18, 2006.,1,5355358.story 

I responded to the author, Greg Miller, with the following information:

The following URL contains information on treason in wartime submitted to two US Senators on the Senate Select Committee on Intellligence and to the former Attorney General, Ashcroft, the highest law enforcement officer in the United States, in 2001, without response. 

I suggested that Mr. Miller may wish to contact Marine General Michael Ennis for his reaction to these yet unresolved matters when directing CIA overview of espionage missions conducted by Sprecial Forces allegedly approved by the highest authority and NOT in conflict with Presidential Directives as in the above matter.

I also have a request lingering in the Department of Justice offices requesting the declassification of once top secret matters from a judicial procedure that took place in 1968. The Clerk of The Court responded by saying I would be notified when a decision on this matter was ascertained. Note the date of submission in August, 2005. The Top Secret classification affixed to this paperwork included a stamp indicating "DOD Directive 5200 Does Not Apply". This Directive governs the time frame for declassification of documents under US Government control. Thirty eight years later it is quite evident why this stamp was affixed. 

There follows a case for Misprison, a felony which carries a five year penalty of incarceration for those who are notified of the crime of treason and willfully fail to notify a Federal Judge OR the President, aggravated in this instance during wartime.

I have had 174 thousand visitors to my Web Site, above, showing world wide interest in all matters and documents already published on my site. The once Top Secret information has been read in the capitals of most countries on the planet. King Sihanouk is also in receipt.

"What's interesting and important" while concerned people are still alive lies hidden in these documents. Expanding the Vietnam War into Cambodia in a reverse domino theory was the intended result of this treason. Has it happened again? Look at Iraq and Iran to see the pattern continuing to emerge. 

John McCarthy 
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