From: Jon V3
Sent: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 1:44:40 PM Eastern Standard Time
Subject: Fwd: Hello, Surfer's Super Staph Infections

Hi Rel, I'm forwarding your message to Monica Mazur of the Orange County Health Care Agency, Robin Rustan of Voice for Veterans, Don Schulz, Joe Geever, and Greg Jewell of the Surfrider Foundation, and Garry Brown of Coastkeeper. This issue of surfers getting infected with super staph infections needs to be better investigated and documented. Hopefully, the OC Health Care Agency will get on it. I hope Timmy is able to fight it off. Hoag's probably the best place to be. Jan Vandersloot
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From: RelVsurfs
To: Jon V3
Subject: Hello
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 12:57:27 PM Eastern Standard Time

Timmy is the son of a Very active and local H B surfing Family His Mom owns The sugar Shack Rest and his father is head of the Beach crew in H B his brother is a team surfer for quiksilver and they both travel and surf for a living and also work the family business... he is at Hoag Hospital in critical cond as I write.. His last surf was in Mexico south of la Salina on Monday of last week by sat he was in surgery having a piece of his skull removed to re leave pressure on his brain.. and barely alive. from a super staph infection.. I believe that it d be impossible to say it was HB or Mexico or maybe overseas But the point is he is an avid surfer and does surf daily out front (H B ) as do I and These staph infections are at epidemic levels here in OC and from what I hear all over now. But point is that when we follow a passion such as a surf we shouldn't fear for our lives.. I am also battling a staph infection in my body as well on my leg and arm and prior to that on my asscheck.. I've been on Med's since B4 Thanksgiving and about 2 or three moths earlier on my ass.. I've found that these staphs are a super staph infection and don't react to antibiotics and are tough to fight... He had a staph infection on his upper lip about a mo ago and it went away. but I be live it returned in his sinuses . I hope I can help and let people be aware that this ocean is a huge free flowing system that has no borders and no criteria for whom ever does stumble or paddle into a cess pool of bacteria. wether it be Mexico or the north coast...This is a problem that is affecting all...and if you think that one lil piece of sand is clean or unclean .. That person is a fool...The problem is vast and not right.. Hope to hear from you Thanks Rel