From: Karl W B Schwarz <>
Subject: DU Survey in Progress for Veterans
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 14:11:14 -0400

Greetings to all Email Update Members,

A significant step forward was taken by a group on getting the DU testing done and it was announced on PRNewswire today.

We will continue to focus on the DU Detoxification Center and what is needed to treat the veterans. This survey is a first step in assessing and proving the extent of harm done. If you know any veterans please alert them to this press release and the website link below.

Navarre Beach (PRWEB) April 13, 2006 - Gulf Vet Survey, a dedicated group of veterans, health professionals and concerned citizens, today announced they were launching an effort to survey every veteran for multiple hazardous materials exposure. Veterans exposed to hazardous materials in the fog of war, need the resources and support they were promised from the very governments that sent them into the exposures in the first place.

Veterans with physically visible direct combat wounds get the lions share of attention from the DOD, the VA and the major news media and these veterans are more likely to receive their compensation for service connected injuries than are veterans with multiple hazardous materials exposures. Veterans with multiple hazardous materials exposures must wait until study after study is done. No real time testing or treatment is accomplished that results in continued negative health affects for these veterans and even death. Only when statistics show illnesses occur in a higher percentage of veterans than the general population will the government acknowledge the exposures and accept the diagnosis as service connected.

It took 50 years for Atomic Veterans to get help with the cancers they experienced as a result of atomic testing. The majority of Atomic Veterans died without a service connection, compensation or an effective health care system made available to them.

The same is happening to Desert Shield/Desert Storm (Persian Gulf War) veterans and the same will happen with today's Iraqi Freedom veterans if action is not taken now to reverse the trend. No U.S. Veteran, after dedicating themselves to protecting and preserving the freedoms of American life, deserves to be left to die a slow and painful death. As a government and as a nation, we can do better.

Gulf Vet Survey is going to poll all veterans, family members and the public at large to collect the statistics needed to get the veterans the care they need. The care they deserve.

It's a massive undertaking which will require your support and rightly so. Many of the hazardous materials exposures are starting to effect the world's population as well. No longer is it just an issue for veterans on the battlefield.

Help Gulf Vet Survey reach each and every veteran, veteran's family member and concerned citizen so meaningful statistics can be gathered and shared. In addition to focused surveys, Gulf Vet Survey is a great source of education and news on the hazardous materials exposures which affect us all.

Gulf Vet Survey can be found at

One thing is clear: Over 90% of survey respondents feel our Congress and President are not willing to accept and resolve their responsibilities and that a lack of action by Congress or the President will ultimately effect the vote in the 2006 and 2008 elections?

We are going to get this done. You know what they say – Persistence overcomes Resistance.

Best regards,