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Subject: Col Frank B Quesada's article
By Col. (Ret. US) Frank B. Quesada
Former Senate Committee Secretary
Veterans and Military Pensions
Associate, PMA '44


Reports have it that Congress reconvened, and one of the first items on the agenda is for both Houses to resolve differences over spending restraint measures.
Partisan's Hype
The Dallas Morning News report that "conservative House Republicans and their moderate Senate counterparts" have different views on efforts to reduce the massive increase is slated for federal poverty programs.
Another Vaudeville?
"Minority Democrats" no doubt,  portray any modest cut in the rate of spending stated for stamps, Medicare and other programs as an example of evil Republicans hoping to leave seniors and poor children starving in the streets."
GOP Acrobats
"We will find out how serious the GOP is about deficit reduction - it's obvious that Democrats have other plan except the economically destructive policy of taxes and more taxes - by how they react to the criticism sure to come from across the aisle and from the East Coast left-wing media outlets.
Budget Review
"But perhaps the Republicans can mute the mewling by also agreeing to re-examine the pork-laden Homeland Security budget."
State Awareness
In Nevada, recently - the Review Journal featured a Las Vegas Democrat, Assemblyman Chris Guinchigliani, who raised concerns that grants directed to Nevada to fight terrorism were being used for a number of expenditures that have nothing to do with preventing another 9/11.
Evidences of Abuse
For instance, the city of Las Vegas spent $300 for Federal Homeland Security grants to purchase snake-handling tongs. Other Federal anti-terrorism funds were used to pay for polo shirts, a wastebasket, a cooking grill and laptop computers.
Both Parties Guilty
"This is not to single out the City of Las Vegas. The same surely happens all across the country, as law enforcement agencies take advantage of millions in cash available from Washington D.C. but if Republicans are intent on both reducing the deficit and fighting terrorism, they will not only hold firm ensuring taxpayers get results from the billions of dollars they spend each year on the poor, they will also cut the pork from anti-terror spending explosion that has characterized Washington's post 9/11 mindset."
Game of Hide and Seek
It has always been a question of - if nobody-is-looking, the culprits up in the Hill and even down the road in the outlaying States would put their fingers in the cookie jar and use it for the abused pork.
Urgent Priorities Ignored
Example are the cases of the denied and unpaid pensions and disability benefits of U.S military retirees and veterans, not to leave out the case of the 63 years of maltreatment of the loyal 200,000  Filipino-American US servicemen who were conscripted by Pres. F. Roosevelt in 1941 to fight America's war against Japan, their benefits  held in hostage, and not paid their compensation and benefits for the last 60 years. 180,000 already died from the notorious "Yankee shell game," of legislative truculence and arrogance ofmpower.
Blood Sucker's Game
They were made to shed blood and die for the U.S. flag and then trashed like garbage - up unit now left to die without being paid.  Such cruel hoax fly on every face of each Republican and Democrat who found haven in their seats in Congress - raising their salaries while veteran die with serpents in their bosoms. And their widows and orphans live in penury and want.
Solons Must Get Real
Is the current session in Congress as pretense to show the tax-payers that they have genuine concern for those whom they owed huge obligations? War veterans put their lives on harm's way to make democracy safe - but for only for whom?
Enemy is Within
Both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of abused spending by way of pork hoarding and spending.  This country is in big trouble for its debt servicing - and both parties are contributing to the nation's insecurity through abused pork and other spending. We finally found our enemy - and they are  here at home, in what P.J. O'Rourke described as " the parliament of whores.." .Bribes from lobbyhits are the new religion of both parties as status symbol up in the Hill.
  1-Million "angry" Vet's March so - they should brace for a big storm coming. Retirees and Veterans are having another "1-Million "angry" Veteran's March in WashingtonD.C. to demonstrate their anger and disgust over both Republicans and Democrat's hypocrisy about pork spending. And why their pensions and disability benefits are "defrauded." Retirees and veterans will speak in terms of the ballots in elections calculated to throw the rascals out.
Such demonstration should send a strong message to both parties that citizen-taxpayer as war veterans no longer will support respective political parties unless they show genuine restraints through action. And stop the congressional cancer that eats the steel of Democracy which retirees and veterans died for in wars and conflicts manipulated by politicians.
We, Americans are concerned about terrorism within, but it is up there in the Hill where there is "capitalized and subsidized" anarchy and bolshevism through pork spending abuse.
We Americans can love this country more by exposing such ills. And instituting  real changes, to give back the government to the citizen taxpayers who are the masters, and  make politicians serve as the public servants.. That is  what Demoracy is all about !    # #