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Sent: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 5:25 pm
Subject: Re: Brentwood Community Council Meeting

Dear Wendy:

This is a follow-up to the February 5, BCC meeting when Keith Jeffreys, Francisco Juarez and I gave very brief statements regarding the National Veterans Home.  At that meeting, I gave you a copy of the Veterans' Declaration of Enforcement and asked to get on BCC's agenda in the future.

On February 13, I sent you an e-mail that requested to know what BCC's position was with the parking of thousands of cars and hundreds of buses to haul the thousands of golf tournament attendees to Rivera Country Club in Pacific Palisades? I advised you that there are gigantic luxury RV's owned by professional golf players parked on Federal property that further contribute to making this an absolutely disgusting sight at the National Veterans Home. Why the community of Brentwood continues to allow this huge impact to local traffic to continue for 12 years is irresponsible. 

In my February 13 e-mail, I further stated:  << Let me very adamant that I deserve to be heard at the Brentwood Community Council regarding the Veteran's Declaration of Enforcement and discuss real Veterans issues that truly "Honor our Veterans."  If Sue Young can speak to the BCC about taking Veterans land, then I, as a resident of Brentwood and a U.S. Army Veteran, certainly have the same right to defend this land.  After all, but for America's Military Veterans, there would be no public forum such as BCC.>>  To this date, I have not received any response.

As a stakeholder with issues on both sides of the fence, this is to formally request that a small group of fellow Veterans be given approximately 25 minutes at the May meeting to present our positions regarding the Los Angeles National Veterans Home and its responsibilities to America's Military Veterans.  

Heretofore, Veterans who have been in opposition to Sue Young and her VPC public park plans have never been given equal time and opportunity to respond.  Let there be no misunderstanding; Ms. Young and VPC do not represent or speak for the Veterans at large. 

The plans that VPC have for their proposed public community park for Westsiders affect all Veterans, regardless of where they live.  There are an estimated one million Veterans that live within 50-miles of the National Home and our government has an enormous responsibility that their healthcare needs be given quality considerations, and that requires complete quietude for convalescence. Moreover, there are 26 million Veterans nationwide that are entitled to the same access for healthcare services at the Home as those that live nearby.  For VPC and BCC to dominate these meetings with their unilateral vision to convert Veterans land into a "central park west" is simply unacceptable, even when they try to disguise it as "honoring our veterans."

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend tomorrow's April BCC monthly meeting.  Nonetheless, I would like for you to confirm that like-minded Veterans be given a voice at the May meeting to speak about honoring the Deed of 1888, just as previous generations of neighboring communities always honored for more than a century. 

Lastly, and as questioned in my February 13, e-mail, why does BCC not have an American flag present during their meetings?

Robert L. Rosebrock
Co-Director, We the Veterans