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Fellow Veterans activists,

The Million Man March is great as we discuss our goals I would like to add in federal legislative agendas to be addressed to restore checks and balances in military and VA hospitals is to # 1 Abolish the Feres doctrine to give us all back the very same rights that we thought we were fighting for while we serve in uniform. To ban and bar "Incident to Combat" and "Incident to Service" injuries is all wrong and our government certainly knows this simply go to my web site and review what General Smedley Buttler had to say about service men being the pick of the nation and coming home like walking dead men with no help to survive PTSD. Its VFVS goal to make mandatory federal legislation to ABOLISH the FERES Doctrine of 1950 that was voted in by our Congress to give them a license to get away with murder and more through the abuses of federal employees to be exempt from prosecution while innocent men and women suffer everyday some way by the abuses of VA and Military Hospitals by having NO checks and balances is inhumane and can not continue as military law. To regulate over the top of our Bill of Rights is an act of Tyranny and to take away the Mwr Recreaational lands from are war tore veterans that use these lands to rehab on needs to be addressed. H.R. 1917 was on the floor to be voted on not ignored as not enough interest by the DOD is unacceptable.
founder of VFVS
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Dear veterans,
In order to have a hook for the march we will need to consider many fronts. Legislative fronts, Government fronts, media plans to send the message to the public and most importantly the support of the veterans who will march. Its not good enough to be pissed off. We need a battle plan. Make no mistake about these issues, now more than ever the way our government treats veterans is under attack with a well planned reduction in benefits, services and the destruction of the covenant bond we make to soldiers in order for them to join our military. History is being made right under our eyes. While a war is currently being conducted veterans from previous wars are being squeezed out of the VA system to make room for newer veterans. This is pitting the healthcare needs of previous war veterans against the newest generation. All veterans deserve a VA healthcare system regardless of which war they served in.
I have been contacted by a Major Law firm who is considering filing a lawsuit on behalf of all veterans seeking benefits for service connected disabilities. This firm has testified before the supreme court on veterans issues in the past. The NGWRC believes that the statute governing veteran claims and the process in which the VA handles them is unconstitutional because (among other reasons)

Among the relief this class action would seek would be a court order requiring the government to cease these illegal practices and allow veterans to obtain representation during the claim process. I would appreciate referrals to any veterans who have been affected by these practices, and we can discuss further the possibility of broader searches by email.
This is just one aspect of the plan of attack.
If you are interested in this part of the plan please send no more than 2 paragraph statement which includes your name , email addressed, the war in which you served or peacetime injury and some comments about your VA experience.
As the lawsuit progresses we will try and time its announcement with the March to emphasize the need for change.
Steve Robinson
Executive Director, National Gulf War Resource Center


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Subject: Colonel David Hackworth "Reporting as Ordered" through the Pearly Gates of Heaven


When I attempted to pray to God, it was intercepted by the Marine Guards at the Pearly Gates.
According to the Marines at the gate, Colonel Hackworth left a message on his way into heaven, for us veterans.
This could be a rumor, but… it is coming from the Marine Detachment above, and I expect, this may be the Colonel’s wish?
The Colonel has instructed us veterans that we need to take his place in fighting the military/lawmaker bureaucracy. He said that, we veterans are entitled to our promised benefits and that the Government should keep its promises, to all veterans.
The Colonel said that the truth shall win ... attack, attack, attack!" “March to Washington DC on 8 June, 2005” there is truth to be secured and a moral high-ground to be taken.

I’m sure the Colonel’s spirit, along with all of our fallen veterans’ sprits, will be marching right next to us.

PS – Oh, the guards at the gate said that emailing each other back and forth is not going to cut it. They said how the hell does anyone know about our issues unless we get it out to the public? We need to get off our butts and put them into action!
Semper Fi

MSgt James T. North
U.S. Marines, Retained
Fleet Marine Corps Reserve
Category II, Deployable

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