Sent: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 11:18 am
Subject: Ballot Inititative 07-0073 Full Mandatory Healthcare Funding for the Department of Veterans Affiars.

   Pleasure speaking with you this morning. Here are the links that we have to document Ballot Initiative 07-0073 as it gets to the signature stage of being a real Initiative that will be approved by the people of California for the 2008 elections. We will contact you soon once we have the instructions from the Attorney Generals Office for a Conference Call with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to discuss the importance of full mandatory funding of the Department of Veterans Affairs so that all eligibly, honorably, qualified veterans can receive the quality healthcare that they certainly deserve once they come home from their tour of duty, including the California National Guard after being deployed to Iraq.

1. Full Mandatory Funding for Department of Veterans Affairs hit Governor Schwarzenegger's Desk

2. Rusty Submitted Mandatory Full Funding of the Department of Veterans Affairs to the Attorney General

3. Rusty_Proposed_Ballot_submited_October_19_2007_to_the_Attorney_General_of_California

4. Rusty goes head to head with CVB California Veterans Board changing Resoluion to a Proposed Ballot Inititative 07-0073 with Attorney General Office October 19, 2007 giving California Voters the chance to give an advisory opionion on VA Full Funding on 2008 election ballot - Proposed ballot Recieve October_19,_2007 Inititative Coordinator Attorney General's


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