Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 5:50:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time

August 21, 2007  in reference to the VFW article on page 10 VA must improve it's "CRUDE" Handling of PTSD Veterans.

Dear Editors,

I don't care anymore I'm ready to die, just want to in peace. This government has degraded me done everything to dishonor me along with killing me. I went in for treatment and was demeaned, abused, identity given out, and then retaliated against me. I addressed some issues yet they chose to ignore my questions, or lie about them. I went there for help not to play the game and suck up for a pension. I could have and have 100 per cent right now.

What about the ones coming home what good would it done them. That is the whole problem with the system, everyone is afraid to speak up. The crisis is as big as what's happening to everything else in this country neglect. The staff at the VA in PTSD treatment had a joke " If you make a mistake just keep quiet, ignore it and in time it will go away". The sad thing is all the mistakes have taken a toll and now are too many to deal with. Like the faulty bridges and damns that have been ignored.

Just some examples, we were read to from Kids books and then shown the pictures, just like I read to my granddaughters. We didn't have a tv for 5 wks., told the VA didn't fund the program, it came from donations of organizations like the VFW.

I had a man come from the Vet Center who had nothing to do with my treatment in the VA, just came and showed films to the families. We didn't even have to come to his lectures but the one time unless one of our family members attended. He like I said came on a Sunday Night, met with me in the cafeteria telling me to pack my bags Dr. Dutton called and told him they were gonna have a staff meeting and kick me out of the program. He then told me to leave that night, immediately. I told him I wasn't gonna leave like a coward in the night I wanted to face them hear what they had to say. Well I waited and then Dr. Dutton and S. Herring met with me, I taped the meeting stating I would have no one saying it didn't happen. Do you know no one has wanted to talk to me from the Veterans Affairs, it's a joke.

There's more I have everything documentated I can prove everything I say, yet they dont' want to face the issue. It's rotten like a cancer. All the physiologist, counselors and help came from the alcohol and drug treatment program.
I was almost killed medically also with it being documentated on my chart daily of me complaining yet the things that happened to me was a direct reflection of the medical treatment by the doctors. I was in the hospital medical unit for over two weeks, secondary to Htn, heart arrythmia, chest pain, fatigue, sweating, and more. It all started in May of 06. Like I said I have my whole chart indexed it will scare you. I'm talking of things like not putting an ekg report on my chart.
I was a Nurse Anesthetist giving anesthesia for over 30,000 cases all with good outcomes. I got into trouble for paying too much attention to patient safety, but life is important. Vietnam taught me that.
What I've written in true, the VA needs to revamp their PTSD treatment, your article is right non competent help. They told us we're gonna talk about the war now, or they got on the only young Iraqi veteran he wasn't talking enough. Sometimes they'd ask us a question when we answered they would tell us they didn't want to hear that.

I'm tired or writing everything that has government on it covers-up, and it's not for the good of the whole, it's for the good of the incompetent VA staff. The VFW sends a bus up to the VA in Jackson two or three times a week, the driver wears his VFW hat, gets there is treated like royalty leaves thinking the vets are getting proper help.

They had an open house for the PTSD inhouse treatment program when I was there. The handbook said we had a TV room, library, gymn with all the latest equipment, transportation to all necessary functions and for essential needs. There was none of the above it was all a lie. I came out of lecture and was told they wanted us to take a picture for the TV and paper, I laughed for I immediately was taken back to Nam, where my buddy and I had gotten off the helicopter pad and walking to our area. That walk required us to walk right by  the XO of the Btn. house trailor. I'll never forget he came down and got all over us for being dirty, not shaven, and stinking, of course he had his Nurse sitting on the deck he was entertaining. I told the staff member that I would be in my room laying on my bed naked, for I don't participate in fraud or lies. It was amazing what was in the paper and on the TV.

Ya'll don't want to hear from me but I can assure you I have a plan that would save the US government, save money, utilize the best staff possible while helping society, and educating the public in doing so. Gentlemen you don't know what I've been through in life after returning from Vietnam. I know how to fight along with what's wrong, but it takes men to change it, all we have is wimps afraid of their jobs.

Philip R. Davenport, Jr.  (Dickey) "THUMBSUP"
PO BOX 17976
Hattiesburg, Ms. 39404


You have never lived;
Till you've almost died;
For those that fought for it;
Life has a flavor;
The protected will never know:
That flavor lets no dollar, no person, no status, no not anything interfere with the welfare of another human being, especially when you have been given the duty to provide.