President Nixon and Henry (I wonder who's Kissinger now) decided in 1968, shortly after the election, to secretly bomb Cambodia with B-52 strikes. This is how they did it until August 14th, 1973. That's five and a half years boys and girls!

Flights of five B-52's would take off from Guam and fly a course designed to have the planes arrive over coordinates punched into their computers for targets inside South Vietnam. Each aircraft carried 110 750 pound bombs. They would fly three in a VEE and two in trail. The target areas were 1000 x 3000 meters making three passes to cover the target. Russian trawlers off the coast of Guam made note of the frequency of the flights.

Enroute to the target the pilot and navigator of the lead flight would open secret orders which provided NEW coordinates for an in-flight course change, known only to the aircraft commander and his navigator. The new coordinates were for targets inside Cambodia.

Over the five and a half years of this secret program, over 3000 B-52 strikes went into Cambodia. The rest of the Airforce started complaining about the lack of 750 pound bombs but the secrecy of the Cambodian bombing remained.

This has been described in detail in the book "Side Show". It's still available in paperback. It will probably be used by the International Criminal Court if they get around to indicting Henry as a war criminal. Remember, Nuremberg obliterated the excuse of "I was just following orders".

Have a nice day, Henry!

"It is dangerous to be right when your government is wrong." -Voltaire